Fanatone Violet Microphone Case 2 v4 rt tag

FAT – Free Audio Technology

Open Source Hardware for audio equipment. The following is a prototype for a digital microphone with a MEMS array or large diaphragm condenser capsule. Few top end commercial microphones make use of the superior AES42 standard[…]

Spear LED Lamp by Pluma Cubic

Spear Lamp

Mechanical and electrical engineering of prototypes for Pluma Cubic, exhibited at State of Design.



Open source haptic wireless input device with accelerometers, gyroscope sensors and capacitive touch inputs. Check out for more infos. Avoccado° usage examples: a universal remote control, e.g. in your home automation system; Lights can be[…]

POC21 Logo

POC21 – fossil free, zero waste society

I fueled POC21 with CNC machining, product design and Open Source solutions for the 12 hungry project teams. We joined forces in a stunning french castle to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. Our ultimate goal[…]


Rita Delta – Cast Concrete Lamp

CAD/CAM, FEA, CNC, DFM, EOL, C2C optimized concept of a slender LED lamp. All components can be separated to homogeneous materials in seconds, making it easy to recycle. The post tensioned textile reinforced concrete column and[…]


Open Energy Monitor

I think mankind lost feedback to it’s immediate energy consumption. Open Energy Monitor aims to quantify energy usage in real time and give immediate feedback to tackle the challenge of sustainable energy. Together with Mercè Rua, Daniel Huber[…]


Awesome Shield

Awesome Shield is focused on teaching students about science, technology, engineering and math by teaching them to program and build electronics. The transition to surface mount technology for their most recent PCB was lead by[…]

Mintplacer Open Source SMD Pick and Place Machine CAD rendering

Mintplacer SMD Pick & Place Machine

Taking on the challenge to conquer the one part which is still missing in Open Source Hardware and general PCB prototyping at a small scale in our lab: The population of parts with surface mount[…]



Bad efficiency of classical household kettles lead to excessive amount of energy use. Nautile aims to redesign the one object present in almost every western household, our source of hot water. With biomimicry and beautiful industrial open[…]


AUDI A4 x Anouk Wipprecht

Assistance for Anouk Wipprecht’s commission for AUDI. Hardware for a reactive dress equipped with sensors and LEDs. A microcontroller takes inputs from ultrasonic distance sensors and translates proximity values to PWM controlled constant current sources[…]

Solar-OSE Make Magazine press photo

Solar OSE

The Solar OSE is a linear Fresnel reflector collecting clean energy from the sun to form heat (250 ° C) and steam. Designed to power small industrial and craft processes: food cooking, sterilization, pasteurization, drying,[…]


Rita Iota – Formed Wood Lamp

Rita Iota is a concept for an open source cradle to cradle lamp. Forms for production can be made at any FabLab if the equipment is at hand, plans are available open source for commercial use. The length of[…]



Imagine if you could get a portable tiny water filter that could be screwed into any plastic bottle which would allow you to safely drink any available water source, from the tap, from a stream,[…]



The Bicitractor is an open source pedal-powered farming tractor with electric assistance intended for small and medium vegetable farms. It’s a tool that allows farmers with agricultural holdings to perform tasks which are difficult to[…]

Alex Shure at republica about Open Source Hardware

re:publica on Open Source Hardware Design

re:publica is Europe’s biggest conference on internet and society. I was invited to be on stage to talk about Open Source Hardware design and the difference to proprietary, closed approaches. With Fieke Jansen (Politics of Data at[…]

Mixed media. 2015. "Membrane/White with Some Red and Blue" by Tobias Putrih shown in the exhibition Pale Guardians at Galerija Gregor Podnar.

Automated art piece: Membrane

Mixed media. 2015. “Membrane/White with Some Red and Blue” by Tobias Putrih shown in the exhibition Pale Guardians at Galerija Gregor Podnar. Together with David Button I crafted this art piece for Tobias Putrih. This[…]

Open Source Ecology Germany logo

Open Source Ecology Germany

Opening up Open Source to more than the typical software stereotype. Open source everything from computer software to efficient and ecological farming. The beginning of the future, mandatory for technological security, freedom and sustainable living[…]

DiVER solar cells


Concept for an Open Source Direct Current low Voltage Electrical Grid for Renewable energies. Because almost everything uses DC plus most renewable energy sources are DC and SELV is the only way to experiment with electronics for Amateurs/Hackers/Students.[…]

Savonius VAWT energy graphics for students

Savonius VAWT Energy Graphics for Students

A sketched 3D ISO view of a simplified VAWT wind energy diagram. The energy is in the wind due to it’s speed/local pressure differences. A wind turbine converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical[…]

Open Droplet mould for silicone casting

Open Droplet

Open Droplet is an open source hardware water measurement sensor that is networked and easy to use. Water is one of the world’s most stressed resources. One key component of Open Droplet is to provide[…]